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Sustainable Energy Solutions
Helping you solving the "with whom?"

At Cratos, we excel in project facilitation for hydrogen initiatives. Our expertise encompasses navigating legal, regulatory, and safety compliance, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of projects that meet the highest industry standards.

Value proposition

We leverage our project ecosystem management that brings the value chain to life and all partners to the table via our network, expertise, fairness, risk sharing experience and project structuring.

Key benefits of Cratos

Project economics

Enabling a sound economic business plan based on modeling, financing, partnerships and risk mitigation

Integration of the value chain

Collaboration for effective partnerships and system integration, interoperability and communication

Regulatory, security & compliance

Solutions for legal and technical obstacles within your project

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Take a look at our references to get a sense of the projects we are involved in. Click on the relevant project to find out more about the role of Cratos Energy.

Large-scale H2 multi-hub project

Local hydrogen hub

Hydrogen based transition

Energy autonomy conzept

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We encourage the spirit of research and the curiosity of our team members and celebrate our successes together. If you're a responsible, curious explorer too, check out what else we have to offer here.