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Sustainable Energy Solutions
Helping you in solving the "How?"

Helping projects remain on time, scope and budget, Cratos Energy provides a holistic service role for the hydrogen sector. This does cover the initial planning of projects, the conduction of (pre)-feasibility studies, risk management and monitoring.

Value proposition

We bring experience & expertise in project management and hydrogen to enable our customers to navigate complexity, ensuring successful, timely and economic project development and operations.

Key benefits of Cratos

PM excellence
& more than 14 years of expertise

Since Cratos was founded in 2009, we have brought our client projects to life with a great deal of commitment, expertise, technology agnostic and a solution orientated team.

Agile, hybrid and classic approaches

Thanks to our expertise in project management and in energy and hydrogen, we can set up the right tools and frameworks to ensure the success of your project.

Holistic project overview
(PMO, risk management, process management)

By monitoring, evaluating and initiating measures at an early stage to minimize negative effects on the project, you can work efficiently and safely.

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Take a look at our references to get a sense of the projects we are involved in. Click on the relevant project to find out more about the role of Cratos.

Large-scale H2 multi-hub project

Local hydrogen hub

Wind to hydrogen

Hydrogen / oxygen

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Jointly successful

We encourage the spirit of research and the curiosity of our team members and celebrate our successes together. If you're a responsible, curious explorer too, check out what else we have to offer here.