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Cratos CAN Inc.
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We have been advising clients from a wide range of industries with their ambitious change projects since 2009.

In addition to profound expertise, and passion for complex tasks and their solutions, it is always important for us to manage the projects and programs entrusted to us with social competence. Respect, appreciation, honesty, and solidarity have always contributed to our project's success.

Our employees are located all over the world and form a strong and determined team despite the physical distance.


As a company with a flat hierarchy, we live dynamism and flexibility in our corporate culture. Our social skills, entrepreneurial thinking, overarching understanding of technologies, creativity, and clarity of strategy drive our employees to deliver outstanding performance in complex situations.


CRATOS is more than a management consultancy.

We bear responsibility for people, the economy, society, and the environment and develop products for a successful energy transition. Sustainable, cooperative, and responsible thinking guide our actions.

Precision & efficiency, determination, competence, and innovation. This is what we stand for.

Fair3 is our founding motto and, in our view, more important today than ever before. We are fair to our customers, our partners, and our employees. Under fairness many values can be consolidated: Attentiveness to people and the environment in which they live, appreciation of the other person, trust and always trying to understand the other person's point of view. These are certainly only a few of the values that can be embodied under fairness. Incidentally, longstanding customer and employee relationships have developed from this commitment because the people we work for, and with, understand that we want to help each other. In times of disintegrating communities and societies, this is a strong sign to the world and that is why we have been living this very consciously since our foundation in January 2009.


We live flat hierarchies, friendly interaction and are very proud to have raised our management internally. We stand for many years of experience with customers and projects.

Matthias Grebing, Dr. Stefan Schwerdtner, Uwe Döll, Michael Damm

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We encourage the spirit of research and the curiosity of our team members and celebrate our successes together. If you're a responsible, curious explorer too, check out what else we have to offer here.